Thursday, 30 April 2009

I Love YOU all.....

And by YOU I mean the fantastic people at Ctrl Alt WoW, Bind on Equip and last but not least Rawrcast.

Over the past few days I have had the thrill of speaking on these three excellent podcasts about Project 62*80.

Now let me say straight away I am a huge fan of podcasts. The whole concept of niche downloadable audio and/or video is a dream come true for me. When those podcasts discuss my obsession of WoW well then a nirvana is reached.

I try and listen to as many as I can and even though some may not push all my buttons they get a listen anyway.

I grade them thusly do I carry on playing when I listen or do I get a nice cup of tea and a packet of biscuits and really listen. The three mentioned above get the full tea and biscuits! (I also have another category which involves dimmed lights and a fine cognac but so far only Alachia's WoWCast has achieved that status)

Imagine therefore my delight at having the opportunity to skype to all three.

Ctrl Alt WoW

I kicked of with talking to Aprillian and Ashayo on CtrlAltWoW (episode 112) it was split host week so sadly the wonderful Glanthur had already done his bit.

It is fair to say that for the altaholic/multiboxers amongst us Ctrl Alt WoW is the podcast of choice. The hosts, especially Aprillian, talk the talk and walk the walk. Their enthusiasm for the game also shines through and makes a refreshing change from some podcasts that appear to find WoW a grind.

I had a great chat with them and even managed to make Aprillian shall we say weak at the knees with new info about RAF (recruit a friend). It's all about the cascade! I am sure both hosts thought I was several healers short of a raid but I loved every minute.

Bind on Equip

Next up was the laugh a minute guys over on Bind on Equip (episode 23) (Wemb, TheWych and the sublime Tempeste). In the pantheon of WoW podcasts this is a relative newcomer but a most welcome one. I should point out I love laid back but sharp Aussie humour and these guys have it in spades. It is no lie to say that I have spat many drink and almost soiled many a pant at their banter.

The chat with them was truly wonderful and I hoped I did justice to the format. Even though TheWych made me face the cold light of pure maths behind 62*80 I again loved every minute.


Now on to what has to be the hardest working wow podcast ever (episode 16.5/17). Hosted by Stompalina and Hafrot (husband and wife) this again is a relative newcomer. However you wouldn't know it. Stompalina is a veritable energiser bunny with a sharp eye for marketing and seizing opportunities. The banter between Stomp and Haf is not to be missed and the info is solid and plentiful.

My appearance was very much helped by me recently volunteering to be Rawrcasts chat room moderator (or more correctly chat room bitch).

I not only managed to speak during the show proper but also in a special euro edition.

I even got some cautionary feedback from Mike Schramm but that may have been lost in the retmonkey thunderstorm which attacked to end the live episode 17.

At the end of the day I can not thank the gals and guys at these podcasts enough.

Wednesday, 29 April 2009


This is day one of the Ten Gnomes blog and I am real excited to get started.

Rather than rush in though I am going to spend some time getting all my gnomes in a row as it were and get motoring after that. So go grab yourself a nice cup of tea (and maybe a biscuit or two) and lets speak soon.