Monday, 3 August 2009

Life and how to live it

Life they say is a funny old thing and I agree 100%.

I am writing this somewhat tardy post from the male surgical ward of a large mainland hospital. I have just had something green and white for dinner followed by something yellow for pudding. It all tasted pretty much the same. I am now waiting for something brown to drink which someone has laughingly named 'tea' evidently having never experienced the actual thing.

I, of course, should be home in Jeppy Manor multi boxing mages but it seems that the powers that be felt I was having way too good a time and decided to put a stop to that.

It is often said that you only miss what you have when it is gone. I found this particularly true of the ability to breathe.

The journey from a shortness of breath (something quite common with my heart condition) and me dropping to the floor like a tranquilised rhino was a relatively short one. Though for much nerd cred I did manage to bang out a couple of twitters and an email before the paramedics arrived. I am also told (my own recollection being somewhat fuzzy at this point) that whilst being manhandled into the back of the ambulance I gave wheezing instructions to my son regarding the care and feeding of my many alts.

I awoke 3 days later.

It seems that my lungs had got jealous of all the attention my heart has been getting lately and decided to play silly buggers. I was initially told both lungs had collapsed but it later turned out they had in fact flooded. I am sure many Latin words could more accurately describe the event but I have chosen to call it 'fucked up lungs'

The fact that I am now sat up writing this and not pushing up tulips is mainly a testament to the fine work of medical science and those dedicated to it. It is also partly due to me knowing this particular boss fight pretty well.

It is no exaggeration to say I have faced death on 4 occasions in as many years (if I make it to 5 there is talk of me winning a toaster oven). After each 'event' I take some time to reevaluate, count my blessings, and move on. What else should I do? Live my life in a bubble nervous at every change in temperature? or make the most of the life I have? No prizes for guessing which one I choose every time.

So where does this leave 62*80. Well it leaves it exactly where it has always been a goal I will continue to strive toward. Will I hit it by Christmas? Probably not but as they say life's a funny old thing.

Bye for now.