Wednesday, 7 March 2012

So good it seems wrong!

About 20 minutes ago this poor warlock was in whites and greens on a long forgotten account dreaming of what could have been. Scroll of Resurrection saved her!

With a few clicks of the mouse she transformed into a level 80 geared with good cataclysm starting gear 4 x frostweave bags 75 extra gold and a smile on her face. Even more exhilarating was the discovery that she now had 280 flying (including cold weather and Old World) as well as the mount to use it. Her specification had been filled in (you choose which one - I went for demonology) and all spells up to 80 are bought and paid for. 

And there's more...

If she had been languishing on another realm or even slumming it with another faction another click would have transferred her lickty spit  to the home of the resurrectionist. Not to mention if the account she was on had not been a cataclysm account that would have been sorted as well (even all the way from battle chest)

The cost of this wonder?

ZERO! Yes you heard me. No money down nothing to pay!

Oh yes she even got 7 days to bask in this new found glory.

Of course the idea is the newly resurrected account will want to live beyond the 7 days and a new subscription will be applied. To make that decision an easy one a natty new mount is awarded to the sender of the scroll as a thank you for those 7 or 8 clicks :)

If you yourself have dormant accounts you would be CRAZY not to do this and if you have friends in a similar situation they would be CRAZY not to accept your scroll.