Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Status Update

OK so this is not exactly hot of the press but once again I blame all that damn leveling and only having a rolling restart last Tuesday!

I had the great pleasure of once again appearing on Ctrl Alt WoW episode 118 and this time not just with the sublime Aprillian and the hunk Ashayo but the highly entertaining Glanthur (follow them all on Twitter). As always I enjoyed myself a whole heap and even managed to squeeze in a status update. I urge you to not just listen to this episode but also plan a spot for it in your listening schedule.

Another podcast that continues to tickle me in places others can't reach is Bind on Equip. I have to say I sometimes have to pause to recover from choking fits caused by too much laughter. A recent episode (28) had their Rock the Horde team amongst the gankage Although not recommended for those unappreciative of pure Anglo Saxon it is podcast gold. If you aren't listening to this week in and week out then words fail me.

I give particular mention to the BoE podcast because it is too their Horde PvP realm that my focus has been recently directed. Jubei'Thos is an Oceanic realm and the BoE Horde guild is called, I think appropriately Pants on Head. They are slowly but surely building up a fun guild of mainly DKs and if you are looking for a place to hang this is it. To join up /join BoE and ask for an invite you won't regret it.

I have been busily adding to the numbers of toons on their server the past few weeks and dinging away like a mad man.

This brings me to another decision my project toons will be mainly grouped on Jubei'Thos (Horde PvP) and Boulderfist (Alliance PvP). It was brought to my attention some weeks ago that I would be committing WoW financial suicide if I spread my toons too thinly across six realms. I will however still have a presence on the other servers planned just not an even split.

As you can also see these main servers are PvP and although this may add to the leveling woes payback will be a bitch for those who make my KoS list. 5 shamans can be quite destructive!

As always it goes without saying if Rawrcast isn't part of your weekly dose of podcast goodness you may need psychological help and if a WoWcast pops up you better grab that sucker too.

Some recent feedback has asked for more in depth breakdowns of the toons I am leveling. What I plan to do is, as they hit 60, add them to www.wow.com and also www.3darmory.com. In all honesty the climb from 1-60 is not where the action is but 60-80 should be more enjoyable to follow (I hope). When I start to get things set up I will let you all know.

Finally I have a question for you all. Although this project doesn't give me heaps of time to blog I am really enjoying it. I was therefore wondering if you would be up for me blogging more general WoW things and not just project stuff?

For example I had the great pleasure to be on WoWCast episode 44 with Alachia and had the further pleasure of interviewing Starman from the venerable WarCast and this is the kind of stuff I would like to blog about (go take a listen).

Anyhow that's more than enough from me for now. Bye till next time.


  1. Yeah I think it would be good to see more blog posts on whatever :)


  2. I agree with Esa, more posts on whatever would be good. I'm allways up for WOW reading.

  3. As your friend, you know that I want you to do whatever you feel you can, and want to, do. I will be here for you no matter what. :)