Tuesday, 9 June 2009

To Gank or not to Gank?

The past few weeks as I have feverishly tried to squeeze every level out of RAF I have been in the upper levels (40-60) on my Alliance PvP server Boulderfist. It seems however that somewhere along the line I installed the 'Gank Me Hard' mod. This addon appears to put a huge neon sign above my team which attracts (in this case) angry Horde from miles around!

Now I know I am on a PvP server and should expect to be fighting the opposite faction from time to time but this was turning into a gank buffet with my teams as the all you can kill. I swear at one point people were taking turns to slap the shit out of me. Well I guess all is fair in love and war.

What surprised me most, however, was not that it happened but the way it changed my attitude. I am pretty much a passive guy and had kind of set myself a line as to when I would attack the opposition and when I wouldn't. I did what I considered fair. This changed in the last few weeks! I have become what I just complained about above. When I see opposition I can kill I kill it pure and simple. Does this make me feel good. Well yes and no but to be honest more yes!

Will this be my last post complaining about being ganked - hell no! I can QQ like the best of 'em.


  1. haha Good plan there mate. Although i have to say, wont this slow your leveling down quite alot?

  2. For each horde killed, it makes up for any lost leveling time ;p

  3. It may add a few days but my thirst for blood will be quenched muahahahaha

  4. hehe. It does sound like a adequate plan to me. Do you think we can expect some progression updates soon? :)

  5. Gankage? From Buddah?? Maybe it's time to find a new religion. ;) j/k Guess that's one of the reasons I call ya "Papa Bear".

    Glad you're having fun, my friend.