Friday, 29 May 2009

Never fear....

I is here. (name the movie for geek cred)

OK so where are we or more specifically where am I? In a nut shell 'leveling' would pretty much sum it up :)

As mentioned before I set up several 'test' accounts before commiting to the US realm move. This was mainly to test latency etc but even more importantly to hook up with some of the excellent people from the WoWCast channel on BINDpoint. As you can tell given 62*80 the tests went fine and the people on BINDpoint are still excellent,

I ended up with 5 linked accounts and as I added them slowly to the chain this means over the past few days and for a few days more RAF has been expiring at various link points. Now I'm the sort of bloke who hates to waste anything and when a deadline is thrown into the mix out comes the cape and outside underpants. My usual 8 hours a day playtime has jumped closer to 16 as I try to squeeze every level out of RAFs dieing embers.

Some of the multitude of 60s created will go on to join 62*80 but others will not it is a harsh world this world of warcraft.

When things settle down I will of course be back with more posts and who knows some of them may be worth reading.


  1. So, how many 60s do you have right now?

  2. Glad to hear it's still going well! Looking forward to more updates :)