Thursday, 8 August 2013

RAF 2013 - Day 4/90 - Boogie Through The Barrens

So was thinking I might boost the ladies through a few more dungeons but after they gave me a quick slap my mind was changed.

First thing that caused me pain was the change back to having to learn flight paths again! Not 100% sure why Blizzard did this but sheesh. So it was time to hop on a mount and do some riding. At that point I realised I hadn't actually learned riding. Poop. Soon remedied though.

One of the joys of account bound mounts is never having to ride a battle chicken again!

Next pain in the backside was CRZ. How many times did I lose follow? Count the dents in my head caused by me slamming my head into the keyboard! So frustrating.

My destination for levelling was Southern Barrens / Dustwallow Marsh. All in all it was a pretty straight forward thing. Lots of nice kill quests and pretty much all the collection quests gave to both toons.

"We're gonna need a bigger rolled up newspaper!"

My only real visit from Captain Cockup was when Lara opened a treasure chest and earnt 16000xp. This caused (at least to me) an unacceptable gulf between the levels. Some tinkering about though got them back on par. This included a wee bit of pet battling. By the way if (like me) you were hoping the triple XP from RAF included Pet Battles it sadly does not :(

Managed to ding 40 in Dustwallow Marsh and then shortly after that 41. Probably would have been faster boosting through dungeons but actually apart from some niggles it was much more fun - and that is why we play right.

My audio of choice during this session was episodes 39 and 40 of the most excellent Bitter and Salty podcast. Looking forward to more next time.

Bye for now and love to you and yours :)

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