Friday, 9 August 2013

RAF 2013 - Day 5/90 - Slowly, Slowly Catchy 50.

A bit of a slower day today but still on a roll.

Once again fought the urge to boost the ladies and spent the session with some more fun questing.

Plenty left to do in Dustwallow. It really is a pretty good zone for levelling. Lots of nice quick quests (higher drop rates across the board helps) and plenty to kill along the way.

I did get a bit close to some Alliance camps which ended in quick painful deaths and 5 minutes of flagged fear. Apart from that, though, it was all plain sailing.

"I've had a few drinks and I'm carrying a dagger so go ahead and call be babe again!"

Left a bit of XP on the table as many quests started graying out (next team to this area will go out there sooner). Next up was Tanaris.

Have to say I have a deep joy for deserts (and indeed desserts). The far vistas and lack of trees and obstacles to get my team tangled on is a real boon.

After butchering most of the indigenous life, killing several bubble farting giants and uncovering some suspicious activity the girls hit 50.

This guy just let off a WMD gas bubble - Ughh!

Not sure I will hit 60 before the CAW record but there is no rush right!?

Another joy of this sessions levelling was getting to talk to some of the excellent CAWlings and CODlings on the new mumble server. Didn't do a lot of talking as I was in the 'zone' but it was nice to have them there. Look forward to doing that more.

Bye for now :)

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