Saturday, 10 August 2013

RAF 2013 - Day 6/90 - Late Night Leveling.

I have entitled these 3/90, 6/90 etc but to be perfectly honest it is often hard to work out what day is which. At least it is hard to work out when one day starts and the other begins.

Being a man of extreme leisure I have few set daily milestones. I eat when hungry sleep when tired and use the facilities when nature forces me. Basically I am a very large cat! Apart from medical appointments and the occasional recording there are very few alarm clocks in my life. All of this is further mixed up because I live in GMT and my online world lives in EST (-5 hours). So you can see my confusion :)

I am sure some, if not all of you, are reading the above and forming the words 'lucky bastard' or similar in your minds. Quite rightly so! If it weren't for the constant pain and a body which seems determined to have me hovering between grapes and flowers permanently it would indeed be bliss.

All that preamble was meant to explain why my leveling sessions are becoming more nocturnal. I should also say that the days of me being able to play straight for 12+ hours are long gone. I am now playing in 2-3 hour bursts and sleeping for 8 which also adds to my temporal confusion.

Anyhow I am sure you didn't come here to read all the above bollocks but to find out where the ladies are at.

Last session took place while the good folks of CoD (Clan of Darkness Guild) were planning and executing their famed friday night run. I had the distinct pleasure of once again being able to hop on the mumble server and hear some of the excitement.

The bulk of leveling took place in Burning Steppes which although not perfect desert is pretty close.

"10,000 bloodthirsty enemy and all we have are party masks!? Yeah this should go well!"

No real details to report as it was pretty much a blur of dieing ogres, orcs and trolls (with a few golems and dwarves thrown in).

At 4am I threw in the towel and the ladies went to their digital beds having hit 56.

5 hours later I am back writing this and trying to wake my brain up for the Ctrl Alt WoW record in 2 hours. Should be fun.

Bye for now.

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