Tuesday, 6 August 2013

The Adventure begins (again!)

Ok so I am back blogging (at least for now)

And as you can see I am back levelling because the fact is I love it! Though not slowly so, of course, I am using every crutch available to me. RAF and Heirlooms will be fully utilised :)

First team out of the box are a couple of blood elf mages (pictured above in all their glory)

Larakai and Zarakai (naming toons is possibly the hardest damn thing!)

Technically it is day 3 of the RAF because I created the accounts on Sunday but there was an issue upgrading them from the trials so today is the first day of playing.

20:30 - First things first a quick run around Sunstrider Isle.

21:42 - Level 10

Have decided to go frost spec as I love to have my watery companion.

22:00 - Nice to see that some of the hideous collection quests are alive and well!

http://www.wowhead.com/quest=8884  Fish Heads, Fish Heads (all of those freaking murlocs have heads why does it take soooooo long)

and talking of heads...

We are here for yours Prospector!

22:15 - and as one toon hits 13 the other stubbornly refuses to do likewise. It is the dreaded if it is gray to one it is gray to both! Damn I hate not dinging together it feels wrong. Oh well this time around I can add some XP to one toon via pet battles. Will try and tidy it up as I go along.

22:30 - Time for a nice cuppa tea and a biscuit or three :)

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