Wednesday, 7 August 2013

RAF 2013 - Day 3/90 - Dungeons for Dummies

So the first real days levelling session finished with a bit of serious cheating!

"Hello Ladies! Welcome to the gun show ... no really I have an actual gun!"

Out came Wight the booster for some dungeon fun. I guess I could have done LFG but multiboxers are not given the respect they are so obviously due! Also if I want to get yelled at for not doing it right and for being a noob that is what I have a wife for :)

Going in at 13 I did three runs through Ragefire Chasm (which by the way is below Orgrimmar - who knew!) and grabbed the quests at 15. Hit 19 on the last run.

Next destination was Deadmines. (Oh for a three seated flying mount!) Zeppelined the team over to Stranglethorn then flew one over to DM and summoned her mate to meet us. This of course got their XP out of synch due to discoveries grrrrrrr. (OK no three seater flyer how about giving back Have Group Will Travel?)

One quick run through there and the ladies hit 21.

A fine end to the first day.

And now back to the duvet cave - night folks!

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