Tuesday, 5 May 2009

The Basics...

OK the blog posts are arriving thick and fast now as 62*80 motors forward....

In order to help achieve my goal I am going to be multiboxing and using 2 periods of recruit a friend (Come on! its 62 frigging toons I need a little help)

I am planning to do mainly 3 man from 1-60 and a mix of 3 and 5 from 60-80.

The Hardware.

I currently have 3 meaty PCs each tied to it's own 24" monitor. Off to the side out of sight I also have an admin PC for twitter, skype email etc.

In 3 man as you can see I run WoW full screen. For 5 man I spin left and right to portrait and run 2 instances of WoW on both.

All in all this setup is fine for my play style and also keeps my room very warm in the winter!

The Software.

I only use two external programs to help me multibox and these are Keyclone and Multiplicity

Keyclone allows me to send key presses to multiple instances of WoW. Multiplicity allows me to use one mouse across all monitors. To be honest I think with out them I couldn't do what I do and they are both wonderfully stable and well supported.

I also use a one stop shop addon for multiboxing called Jamba. This really is a must for anything above dual boxing in my opinion.

The Schedule.

As you may have heard during my time on the excellent Ctrl Alt WoW I have more free time than any grown man deserves. In fact pretty much 16 hours out of each day (ok stop crying). I plan to use at least 8 of these each day playing WoW with extended hours as when I feel like it (based upon my EU levelling this may be more often than not).

As you can see the tools are in place now on with the fun...


  1. Don't forget to keep a tracking log of time over fun over cost.

    I get the feeling this is gonna be as much a psychological experiment as much as a gaming exercise. LOL.

  2. That set up is amazing. I just heard you on Ctrl Alt WoW... you are insane, but good luck!

  3. Note: Don't discard your 2 extra accounts during the 60 race. If you have an ungrouped L60 (or 2) healing the nubs as they level, you do not affect their XP at all, as long as you don't interact with the mobs. So just make sure to level a healer or two in the first few trios, and you can have L60 (or higher) healing on your L1's, without any impact to their XP.

  4. How hot does your room get when everything's on and running full throttle for hours a day?

    It would be interesting to note what the increase on your electricity bill over all for this project was, too :)

  5. I am curious as to what the specs/brand of your pc's are?

  6. You said you got 16 free hours a day to play the game. My question is: how do you manage to play and organize your real life stuff (such as cleaning your house, eating, taking care of your son and more)?

    Don't you feel you're going to play a dangerous game?

  7. What do you do for a living? Are they hiring?

  8. I think the whole thing sounds like a dream come true! As a casual player, it hurts me to think of all the class and race combos I will never have time to see and develope. Also read earlier that you will be on Wyrmrest RP!! Great choice, and my home-sweet-home :-)