Sunday, 3 May 2009

OK here we go....

Well it's been a busy week or so since I did my first post on this blog. Well busy for me....

I set this blog up to record the doings of my current project.

Project 62*80

In a nutshell 62*80 is my goal to create 62 level 80s before 25th December 2009.

Why 62? Well that is the total number of race/class combinations currently in the game.

Race/Class (WoWwiki) sums it up nicely I think.

I guess the next question is just Why? Sadly there are no links to WoWWiki to explain this one!

Firstly I am an altaholic (stands and waits for polite claps) When I say that I don't mean I have a few alts I mean I have hundreds. If I was to equate it to being an alcoholic I am not the guy who has one too many every night but rather the naked guy chasing your car swinging a golf club and singing My Way (every night). I will try and explain...

The Madness Begins

Living in the UK I naturally started playing WoW on the EU servers. Straight away I knew this game was special. Well I say straight away but my first attempt to play on my son's account ended with me being killed by a level 3 kobold! So it was the second attempt that hooked me.

My first toon was a human warrior named Neowolf. For quite some time he was enough but then I saw other toons blasting stuff with fire and ice so up popped Neomage. Very rapidly I was exposed to the other classes and my obsession began. I entered the pokemon zone. I had to have them all!

The desire to see both factions and experience PvP as well spurred me on and then the fateful day arrived. I tried to create my 51st toon an Orc warrior called smackem and up pops 'You have reached your character limit for this account' For what seemed like an hour I stared at that message. Obsessive nausea flooding over me in waves. Then somewhere a little voice in my head said

'Fuck 'em create another account'

And I did.....

(To be continued)

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