Friday, 15 May 2009

Fame at last?

Yesterday the folks over at WoW Insider (specifically Mike Schramm) did a write up about my little project.

I had the pleasure of speaking to Mike briefly when he appeared on RawrCast a few weeks back and it was there he heard about 62*80. Very much like in the article Mike obviously felt the whole thing to be somewhat pointless and a waste of time (one of the tags is 'Crazy'). I of course disagree as you would expect!

The article has so far received 90 plus comments and quite a few of them echo Mikes opinion. It seems that several commentators are very worried about how I use my time, how I spend my money and some about my mental state and mistreatment of my children! All very strange.

I am not going to go over again how my personal circumstances effect how I spend my time because quite frankly it's my time!

For the record I agree that simply sitting here day in and day out playing 8+ hours of WoW in order to end up with 62 poorly geared under funded toons would indeed be a waste of my time. Fortunately that is not why I am doing it. You see I have a confession...

  1. I love playing WoW
  2. I love levelling characters
  3. I love the community built up around the game
This project gives all that some structure.

Every realm I have picked for this project has people playing there I want to play with. These groups are mostly built around the podcasts I love listening to and have had the pleasure to interact with. I am a firm believer that WoW is as much a conduit to like minded people as it is a game. I guess one toon per realm could have been sufficient but that forgets points 1 and 2 above.

I am already gaining immense personal enjoyment from 62*80 and regardless of outcome the people I meet and interact with on the journey will have been worth every 'wasted' second.


  1. keep us updated you crazy, child-neglecting, wife abusing, uber rich, deluded, mental OCD, gnome loving cheater.

    there. now the rest of the comments have nowhere to go.

    no seriously, this is great. keep blogging. can't wait to hear how this project progresses.

  2. A lot of WoW players want to think that people, if they didn't play WoW, would somehow do things of great import. I feel that is not the case. THose people, if they thought about it, would probably just go back to what ever "time wasting" activity they did before they played WoW.

    It's your own time, and if you are enjoying it, then it has meaning. Go for it!

  3. I've been waiting, and watching for your updates for the past two days... and someone somewhere probably thinks that I'm wasting my time just for doing that... so I say ignore those peeps, each to their own! :D

    Look forward to hearing more about your project!

    WoW alt addicts stick together!! XD

  4. I've been dual-boxing for about a week, and I have to say, I've never had so much fun with WoW. Keep it up!

  5. Any chance we can get some 140-character updates from you on Twitter? I would eat that up!

  6. Crap, found you. Sorry for the useless post(s)... :-)

  7. Well I found this blog because of the WI article. I am glad, however, that I DID NOT read any of those comments. The people who tend to comment on WI are so full of themselves and so full of "excrement" I can't stand it must days.

    I am now subscribed to your blog and look forward to updates! GL in your endeavors!


  8. Bah...the typos followed me! *most days

  9. I just wanna ditto what Kole said. I found out about this through wowinsider and I think it's great. You've got my attention.

  10. Really nice, good look with this. Im sure you will show us what the definition of Uber is. :)