Friday, 15 May 2009

Some Answers...

I just realised that some folks had been kind enough to leave comments on some of my posts. Thanks! Here are some answers....

I am medically retired and therefore do not work. Prior to that my life was spent at sea.

My medical condition restricts my movement considerably.

Although retired I am in my early 40s (meaning of life this year).

I am married with 3 children Boy @ 13 and 2 girls at @6 and @10

My family is the centre of my life and I see them way more than I ever did as a working man.

My sleep pattern is madder than a box of badgers.

My WoW PCs are 3 x Zoostorm Core 2 Quad Q9450.

My main monitors are 3 x Dell 2408WFP.

My e-peen is now well polished.

I am playing on the US servers as my unstructured approach to levelling on the EU has left a huge mess (131 level 60s) and I am scared to look!

My Twitter and FriendFeed accounts are ElJeppy. I love genuine followers!

While I level I am 'talking' in the WoWCast channel on BINDpoint (sign up now!)

I listen to Mozart, podcasts and The Modern Scholar (audio education ftw)

and finally... No I could not be Stephen Hawking if I played less WoW and focused on physics!


  1. Is there a chance of getting a more detailed look up of how you setup macros and Jamba to tri box? At the moment I dual box two Boomkins, but am looking to add a 3rd Druid into the mix as a tank.

  2. What I will do over the next week is a video showing setup etc. I guess you have already checked out

  3. Great goal man. I dreamed about just doing one of every class both Horde and Alliance, but you've really shot for the stars. I hope you make it. I'll be watching all the way from Sydney, OZ.
    One question. How many accounts are you running for this?

  4. Hi there,

    First good luck on the project. 2nd, I was just curious about professions; do you plan to level any on those toons or not waste the time and go straight to 80?

  5. Hey,

    The only professions I do when leveling 1-60 are the gatherings. From 60-80 I will then set up toons to cover the others. I try and avoid to much redundancy but always like to have skinner, herber and miner with each team.

  6. I will bounce in and out of a total of 11 accounts by project end but only 6 active at any one time.

  7. I'd love to see a photo of your workspace :)

  8. Look no further than here K