Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Three little DKs all in a row...

OK where to begin...

Pretty much the first thing I did when moving to the US servers (Boulderfist) was create a 3 man Pally team and level them to 60. The main reason for pallys - A free horse and their almost cockroach like survivability.

As well as giving me my first set of 60s it also gave me territory wide access to the wonderful Death Knight class. This was a must for 62*80.

So in the beginning there shall be a multitude of Death Knights of all shapes and sizes (many called Jeppy) This not only has the advantage of a level 55 start but also a free epic horse and not a bad set of bags. This all adds up to GOLD!

As you can imagine 62 toons require a fair bit of financing at least early on. Since I would rather fry my left bollock in batter than buy gold I have to make it all myself.

The Death Knight teams therefore go through death and reincarnation (in othere words run through the starting zone) about 4 times on each realm which secures me roughly 400 gold. This is more than enough to get several teams started and the forward motion begun...


  1. Three little DKs! I'm assuming that's Gnomish or Dwarvish?

  2. Ok - so 4 different teams through the starting area & then send the money to a bank toon? Nice approach. Myself I have 4x DKs at 60 (RAF gets them to 60 coming out of starting zone) that are prime bank toons now.... Never thought to do it serially...

  3. I bet one character never looked so good right now, aye? hehehe.


  4. Hey, good look on this project, looks really cool - do you have a Twitter I can follow?

    - Xrystal.

  5. Wouldn't it be tons faster to just lvl the DKs to lvl 65? you would have leveled them a bit and gotten at least 500g on each of them..

  6. You really don't need that much gold to level toons multiboxing.
    You just have to take care you buy only the most important skills (ie a mage would train only a new rank of fireball and leave frostbolt).
    You'll be able to buy those skills from the quest reward money and maybe a few gold each for extras.

    some tips about the multibox leveling:
    try to level identical classes wherever possible. It'll save you hours and hours of setting up macro's and finding different class trainers. In this way it also doesn't really matter if you bring 3 or 5 to the party at the same time. With RAF it'll take you an avg of 45 minutes per level up to lvl 40 or something. Those that you take to lvl 60 can grant their lvls to those that don't make it past 40 (It might even be worth taking a 4th account just for this purpose).

    The hardest part will be northrend as I'm sure that even a 5 box team will take you multiple hours for each level. It is nowhere near as fun as the constant dinging of lower lvls :)

    You might've seen it already but be sure to check for info, macro's and help :]