Tuesday, 19 May 2009

It's all about you (and you)

I have found over the past few weeks that reactions to this project vary greatly.

They range from seeming hatred of me and the whole thing to total support for all I do. Unsurprisingly I like the latter way more then the former but the former certainly gave me pause for thought.

On the surface this project could easily be seen as a desperate attempt to get my head above the parapet and be a unique little snowflake in the meta sky. In all honesty that is certainly part of it (you didn't expect me to deny that did you?). However it is definitely not the only reason and far from the main one.


I partly see this project as satisfying my desire for goals and structure to the game I would play for 8 plus hours a day regardless of the 62*80. It therefore goes without saying I love playing WoW (pretty lucky considering) but it is as much about the community surrounding WoW as it is the game itself which keeps me playing.


I honestly don't think WoW would be as popular if it hadn't encouraged and facilitated people getting together for the experience (Recent MMOs have failed to understand this and have made forming community harder not easier). This community is also quite unique in that it continues outside the game in various vibrant forms. These include the multitude of podcasts, blogs and forums.

Fishing for friends?

I therefore also see this project as a huge old net. I guess that requires some explanation!

Many of the people I have met through the game I have clicked with. Initially we share a common WoW language which makes conversation easier but even as I delve deeper I often find there are deeper roots of connection.

WoW is therefore very much the portal to like minded people for me.

What tends to happen is that the 'conversation' will then continue by other means. At the heart of this for me is the excellent BINDpoint and specifically the WoWCast channel. I pretty much consider this my virtual home (as proof of this recent downtime of the service had me roaming the meta streets like a lost soul). If this project can 'catch' more like minded people for me to interact with then it's working as intended.

So grab the lure. Of course if you say bad things about biscuits or tick the fucktard box you may get thrown back in the meta river!


  1. Good point ;) I started reading your blog since Wowinsider. I'm to express my fondness to this. Its a very intuitive and its also very witty. I do share a common fondness for WoW like you, and im glad to see someone that also shares such a passion for blog writing like you. I look forward to future posts on your blog and i will be keeping up to date as much as i can.

  2. This whole project has got my attention, I want to see the outcome.

    I tink you should post screenshots of your characters at like the end of the day, or while you are leveling

  3. I would love to know how much money you have spent on this endevour total, including hardwere and purchasing of the game, aswell as all your accounts expenses, just would love to see it all added up, my rought estimate based on guess work was this.

    you say you have at least 5 accounts, that's $75 a month

    If all you have is 5 then with wow selling for $20 BC for $30 and Wrath for $40 that's $90 per account x5 that's $450

    The monitors must of cost at leat $250 at the low end x3 $750

    Lets say the pcs, can just run wow maxed, low end might be $1,000 each x3 $3,000 And the extra pc for web browsing lets say at least $500

    Good periphrials if you use only one set we will say $100 low end, and another $100 for the web pc.

    You most likely have a KVM Switch or 2, lets say you got 2 $40

    my rough guestimate is at least $4940 That's not including subscription costs since starting the project though.

  4. When you say it like that it all sounds mad.

    The PCs etc weren't just purchased for WoW and this project and they cost a wee bit more that your guess.

    My social budget is also used for little else since I am pretty much tied to the house.

    I can say however in my more mobile days I could easily piss away 75 dollars on a night out and WoW lasts all month :)

  5. My wife and I both play wow and recently (uk based) joked about how it's the last thing we'd give up for the recession :)

    Fact is, WoW is incredible value for money. Two monthly subs cost less than a meal out, less than a bluray, less than a trip to the movies. For an entire months, no holds barred, entertainment.

    We find it funny when people bring up the cost of wow. And yes, 75 dollars (pounds) is nothing for a night out. We recently went to a concert here and the tickets, plus some drinks, plus some food came to 120 uk pounds. Thats a years sub to WoW. A year.

  6. Well I realize your PCs were not purchased for wow and cost more, my estimates were on the low side because I did not know.

  7. So where are the stats? Number of toons to 60? 70? 80? How many of the six servers have you hit 400g on yet?

    And most importantly - are you sick of the gnome emotes yet?

    And money - what is it good for?